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Ready For Commercialization, Cancer A Key Application

Rochester, NY, April 30, 2008 — CellTraffix researchers have developed a device that can extract stem cells from blood in significant quantities by mimicking the natural cell trafficking mechanisms of the body in devices utilizing its proprietary CellSelect™ technology.  Now a similar type of CellSelect device has extracted CD45-positive leukocyte cells from bone marrow in far higher fractions than that extracted by current commercial products, researchers reported in the current issue of the American Journal of Hematology, currently online at: http://www3.interscience.wiley.com/journal/117955072/abstract.

Analysis of CD45+ leukocyte cells is used to track the success of bone marrow transplants in patients with certain blood cancers.

“We’re particularly excited with these results for two reasons.  First, the effectiveness of this new process for isolating CD45+ cells exceeds that of anything commercially available currently,” commented Dr. Michael King, Associate Professor, Biomedical Engineering and Chemical Engineering, at the University of Rochester, whose lab made the initial discovery.  “And secondly, an extremely valuable feature of the technology is its ability to complete this task in a very short amount of time, only ten minutes.”  Other methods currently available, such as DynaBeads, take at least 90 minutes to complete.

“These latest results on the versatility of the CellSelect™ device to quickly and cheaply separate leukocyte cells is most encouraging and promises a clear space for this technology as CellTraffix moves forward with plans to commercialize its initial CellSelect™ research tools.” said Thomas Fitzgerald, CEO of CellTraffix.  CellTraffix is commercializing the CellSelect™in vivo and ex vivo therapeutic delivery systems and diagnostics based on research performed by Dr. King and his team.  technology in products ranging from simple, low cost research tools for the separation and collection of cells in blood, to sophisticated

About the Study

By perfusing human bone marrow cells through a microtube coated with the protein P-selectin, researchers were able to capture cells with the CD45 marker with greater than 90% purity.  In comparison, trained hematologists using an existing device were only able to extract CD45+ cells at 65% purity from identical samples.  In subsequent work, researchers have used the same device to extract CD45+ cells at >90% purity from peripheral blood samples.

CD45 is a common cell marker expressed by most leukocytes or leukocyte precursors.  It constitutes a key therapeutic measure for blood cancer therapy.

About CellTraffix

CellTraffix employs its unique understanding of the mechanics of cellular flow and cell trafficking in the blood stream to develop a range of proprietary medical devices based on the CellSelect technology ranging from simple, low cost research tools for the separation and collection of cells in blood, to sophisticated in vivo and ex vivo therapeutic delivery systems and diagnostics to address a number of unmet medical needs relating to cancer, adult stem cells and immune cells.

CellTraffix has established strategic relationships with the University of Rochester as well as MIT to advance the Company’s core technologies.


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