Company Overview

CellTraffix Inc. is a privately held development-stage medical technology company focusing on revolutionary cellular based technologies. The Company will commercialize products that emerge from its diverse technology portfolio. CellTraffix expertise in the separation, collection, and the imaging of cells will provide powerful new tools for researchers and clinicians for scientific discovery, identification and diagnosis of medical conditions and the assessment of cell properties, including the treatment of cancer and other diseases.

The Company’s business is conducted through its CellSelect and CellCAT operating divisions.   Each division is built upon cutting edge technologies that will generate products and services for researchers and medical clinicians focused on cellular biology.

ImageCellTraffix CellSelectTM  Technology is a versatile platform that will yield a pipeline of competitive research tools for the separation and collection of viable target cells derived from mixed cell populations.  The core technology will be adapted to produce sophisticated cell-based clinical diagnostics and assay systems as well as cutting edge “paired” diagnostic products that are much sought after by therapeutic developers.  Future applications of the technology will produce therapeutic devices capable of killing circulating cancer calls, delivering gene therapy and collecting and/or re-programming adult stem cells as well as cancer stem cells. 

ImageThe CellCAT Division is building the Cellular Computational/Analytical Technology (“CellCAT”). CellCAT is a powerful new imaging system that will allow researchers to view internal and external cellular activities in real time.  CellTraffix holds two issued patents on this unique approach to full cell, high resolution, 3D, real time imaging. In the process of developing this breakthrough technology, CellTraffix has patented a tool kit of novel complimentary technologies ranging from advanced optics to imaging software to electron-beam tip designs that enhance the range of commercial products and applications by  increasing the precision and versatility of the CellCAT technology.